Sticker Shield SSMP11122-1 Transparent 1 Pack (2 Total) Windshield Sticker Easy,

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The first product of it’s kind! Designed and sold globally since 1997! Industry leader Sticker Shield is designed for use with car windshield stickers and home stickers to enable easy application, removal and the re-use of stickers from car to car and surface to surface. With Sticker Shield, your windshield sticker looks like it's stuck directly to the glass, yet easily peels off and sticks back on, again and again. This Trademarked, Patented and specially designed film becomes virtually invisible when attached to your new window sticker; it’s undetectable, only you’ll know it’s on your sticker. No more razor blades and adhesive removers to remove old stickers! Sticker Shield prevents adhesive buildup and razor damage to windshields and defroster strips and prevents dangerous sticker blind spots. Sticker Shield allows you to place your sticker as straight and low in the windshield as you want. Works on most all defroster strips and tinted windows. Barcodes are easily readable through Sticker Shield. Sticker Shield is more durable than standard cling film and has a specially designed adhesive surface that easily and cleanly releases when you peel it off. Sticker Shield won’t prematurely curl off glass due to sun and heat like standard cling film does with certain types of stickers. Easy application: Simply adhere your window sticker to the Sticker Shield film, trim around your sticker, peel off backing paper and apply your sticker to the glass. Sticker Shield also works as a screen protector for phones and other electronic gear. Works great on cracked phone screens to help hide cracks and create a safe smooth usable surface. Each pack of Sticker Shield contains two 4 by 6 inch sheets, which yields multiple applications depending on your sticker size. This is the same product sold in major national retail stores. Made in the USA. 1 year warranty on purchase price only. All product must be returned to be eligible for warranty.