Super Heavy Duty Sawtooth Hanger with Screws | Pallet Hanger | Heavy Sawtooth

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The Mega Sawtooth Hanger is the largest and strongest sawtooth on the market. This professional grade sawtooth hanger is made of zinc plated 14 gauge steel and can support 250 pounds. There are four screw holes in each sawtooth to allow it to securely attach to wood. At a full 3 1/2 inches wide and over 1 inch tall - you need a large wood frame or wood project to accommodate the large size of this sawtooth.

The Mega Sawtooth can be used to hang very heavy frames, heavy signs or heavy mirrors in wood frames. Heavy projects made of wood or unusual projects like hanging a door on a wall or heavy pallet projects can also use the Mega Sawtooth Hanger.

This is a very large and strong sawtooth hanger. You can see the detailed measurements for the super duty sawtooth in the photos. The hanging hardware includes forty #8 x 1/2 inch screws which are pan head sheet metal screws with a combo slotted/Phillips top. You can use longer screws if your wood can accommodate the length and that will help secure the weight.