Swingline Staples, Optima, Heavy Duty, 3/8" Length, Jam Free, 125/Strip,

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Trust Swingline Optima High Capacity Staples to provide steady, dependable stapling. Supported by a jam-free guarantee, these staples ensure superior quality and service. Designed with precision-engineered chisel points that cleanly pierce paper every time. Strong staples are guaranteed to perform without frustrating jams and interruptions. Longer, 3/8” legs securely fasten up to 70 sheets of paper, nearly 3 times the holding capacity of standard staples. Each full strip contains 125 staples, for easy continuous stapling without the need to stop for frequent refills. Each reusable storage box contains 2,500 staples, ensuring long-term productivity with fewer run-outs. Swingline backs these staples with a jam-free guarantee when used in Optima 60- (ITEM #) and 70-sheet (ITEM #) staplers.