Tool Sorter Pliers Organizer Black

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The Tool Sorter pliers organizer - made in the USA - is compact, portable, and fits in most standard tool chest drawers. Shallow drawers can be used with this low profile organizer. Fully loaded with pliers as shown in the picture total height was only ~2.5". Pliers are stored on edge in individual compartments which allows for storing up to 11 pliers in this compact tray. The width of compartments is 0.58" (5), 0.78" (2), 0.88" (2) and 1.18" (2) to ensure a tight fit for smaller and larger tools. The 12" long tray is open on one side; longer tools can be stored as well. The tray is designed to accommodate other tools as well as shown pictures. Small troughs in the storage compartments reduce movement of tools, but please note that tools are not held in place by clips or magnets. Note: Locking pliers may cause some headaches if they spring open with the tool chest drawer closed. Reviews highlighted the quality of the product and its storage capacity. This tray is a great addition to tool chests of professionals and serious DIY mechanics. Tools are not included!