WristCo Holographic Gold VIP Plastic Wristbands - 100 Pack Wristbands For Events

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Plastic Wristbands - Long Term Reliable Security and Identification Wristbands
Plastic armbands are great wristbands for events that require security and crowd control. Each bracelet has a locking snap that is not reusable. This means patrons won't be able to take off their wristband without cutting it off or ruining the snap. This helps businesses by keeping gate crashers and non paid for entries at a minimum if using Plastic wrist bands as their method of entry.

Unparalleled Plastic Wristband Variety
WristCo offers dozens of color, design, and quantity combinations in Plastic Material. All Plastic bracelets use waterproof inks, making them great for waterparks or attractions where the patron will sweat. The snap is also guaranteed not to fall off in water. Each Plastic wristband has dozens of color options to choose from.