Yoohe Car Paintless Dent Removal Tools Kit – Pops a Dent Bridge Dent Puller

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Why not save the money for dent repair to buy one bottle of your beloved wine, or enjoy a sunshine travel?

One of the most annoying and frustrating things is when you find a dent on your beloved car. Sadly, some drivers will just drive off and never say sorry!
Even if the driver leaves contact details, there can be a lot of frustration dealing with body shops and insurers.

No more waiting!
No more paying for the body shop repairs!

(Paintless Dent Repair) Tools are the new products, for removing most minor, and/or even some major dents, without repainting the vehicle and damaging the factory finish.

The Paintless Dent Removal process is 100% environmental friendly.
- As of no chemicals are used, so there are no toxins being released into the environment.
- The work is only carried out on panels, which can be repaired by Paintless dent removal.
- The Dent repair process involves manually massaging the dent from behind using hand tools where no electricity is needed.

After completing the dent removal, the vehicle will still keep the factory finished look-like, without the need of any sanding or paint touch up.
Paintless dent repair is only a tad cost when comparing to a body shop repair. The main reason is no labor cost and no high paint material cost associated like a conventional repair.

As you can see, Paintless Dent Removal Tools are your best choice when getting your cars out of those ugly dings and dents.

Packing List:
1 x Bridge Dent Puller
5 x Glue Tabs
1 x White Tap Down Pen
1 x Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun
5 x Yellow Pro Glue Sticks
5 x Black Pro Glue Sticks

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